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By - Maureen Kuhn

The Fastest Way to Become a Lawyer in 2019

Everyone knows that the road to becoming a licensed layer is long and tedious. Although some states require some short law school requirement, in most countries, you have to study for six to seven years before you become a registered layer. Traditionally, to become a layer, you have to graduate with a law degree from accredited law school and pass

By - Maureen Kuhn

What I wish I knew before becoming a law student

Law school is not a walk in the park. It is a unique experience that has its own challenges and demands. Personally, I sauntered into law school without knowing what lay ahead. Had I had prior knowledge, I would have asked some friends or sought information regarding law school. This article highlights some of the things I wish I would

By - Maureen Kuhn

How to Become a Business Law Consultant

When you start a new business or have already done so, it is important to know the area in which business and law intersect and trust each other. There are many potential legal situations in which entrepreneurs may be at the beginning of an enterprise or develop an existing business. Because an ordinary person may not know the smallest details