If you are about to sit for your law exams, we have compiled five of the best tips that will help you shine. The common practice with law students is to memorize and cram the coursework, and forget that this is only part of the process. Above this, you may need a law essay help and you can practice ahead of time in order to shine in your law exams. Here are our 5 tips to shine in law exams.

Create A Revision Schedule

There are two important dates to a law students time at school, when the semester starts, and when the exams will start. Most people do not consider when the exams will start and they are caught with their pants down. To avoid having a huge backlog of note to read, create a revision schedule with the time left to the exams in mind. You will be able to articulate how much time you need to study for every topic.

Use Past Papers

This is the oldest tip in the book and according to Steven Vaughan, a law lecturer in Bristol University, you ought to use past papers and identify the questions that will most likely appear in your law exam. Past papers will also help you to see how questions are structured and how they ought to be answered. However, Vaughan cautions that you ought not to rely on past papers that you fail to study the what you were taught in class.

Learn and Practice Your Spelling

Most law students fail their exams due to spelling mistakes, and some of the most misspelled words include homicide, grievous, argument, appellant, just to name a few. Getting the spelling wrong will leads the lecturer or the examiner to think that you are not ready and thus you lose marks.

You should also be wary of words that sound similar but have different meaning such as principal and principle, advice and advice, and others. This requires that you have an above average mastery in the English language in addition to your understating of the law.

Get A Partner

Group discussions are some of the best ways to revise, but you cannot go into one without knowing your stuff. A partner or several will help you gain deeper understanding since they will challenge you and identify your strengths and weaknesses for the coming law exams. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the topics you are having a hard time in.

Don’t Get Too Serious

If you have not been studying throughout the semester, then this tip will hardly make any sense to you. However, we have seen many students who are capable of acing the exams stressing themselves out and they fail to study well. When the exams are near, do not wear yourself thin trying to read and memorize everything.
Take a break every so often from your schedule and let your mind and body relax, you have better chances of understanding the subject matter this way. Watch the video for more tips