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Author: Maureen Kuhn

The Fastest Way to Become a Lawyer in 2019

Everyone knows that the road to becoming a licensed layer is long and tedious. Although some states require some short law school requirement, in most countries, you have to study for six to seven years before you become a registered layer. Traditionally, to become a layer, you have to graduate with a law degree from accredited law school and pass bar exams in the jurisdiction you wish to practice.


Following this route will take you about 7 to 10 years. However, expert attorneys have shown that it is possible to achieve this same goal if you take a “fast track” program.

Take the right Subjects:

In some state, you don’t have to attend a traditional law school before you sit for the bar exam. In such a case it is possible to reduce your time of studies by studying the right subjects only and consulting experts during your studies.

During your private studies, you could be working with a licensed attorney to gain experience that is necessary to get licensed. This means that you will have to be working as you study, which can be very duteous. However, with the right books and guidance from experts, you can make it.

You are studying while working can be very duteous and you may have to get help from expert essay writers. You can buy law essay from expert writers during your studies. Expert writers know how to do thorough research and write for you professional papers at affordable prices. Getting such professional papers can help a great deal reduce your workload and ensure that you concentrate on what is necessary to pass the bar exams.

Attend a college that offers all the three programs:

Attending a college that offers 3/3 programs makes it possible to start a law school program during your last year of college. Most established universities offer these programs and allow students to start the law school program in their final year of the undergraduate program.

In some colleges, only candidates with exceptional performance on their undergraduate and Law School Attitude test are allowed to start their law school program during their last year. Although it could be cumbersome to undertake two programs at the same time, with quality law essays writers online you will make it happen.

Register for summer courses:

Although the majority ABA law schools require that you take at least three years full-time case to earn the Juries Doctor degree, you can take part-time classes to reduce workload in the last year. With less workload during the last year of studies, you can comfortably study for the bar exam. If you have full load during your last year, it will be impossible not to be able to study for the July bar exams immediately and you will degree the probability of passing the exams.

Final Verdict:

Following the traditional path to becoming a licensed attorney can take as long as twelve years before you are admitted to the bar. However, you can minimize the number of years you can to complete the course and pass the bar in your jurisdiction. Once you pass the bar exams, you will be eligible to be sworn in as a licensed attorney.

What I wish I knew before becoming a law student

Law school is not a walk in the park. It is a unique experience that has its own challenges and demands. Personally, I sauntered into law school without knowing what lay ahead. Had I had prior knowledge, I would have asked some friends or sought information regarding law school. This article highlights some of the things I wish I would have known before becoming a law student.


If I would have given my social life the attention and importance it deserves, I believe things would be going much better than me. My priority in law school was my studies and I would spend most of my time in the library, or in my room reading and trying to grasp as much information as I could. It is a fact that in law school, students are exposed to some of the most brilliant, innovative and even enterprising minds in the country. It would, therefore, have been prudent and wise of me to make as many friends as possible and build lasting networks and connections. Having a good social life is indeed key to enjoying tour life as a law student, passing your exams and safeguarding a bright future. Actually, you never know the kind of people that you will meet in law school.


Several opportunities came my way when I was in law school, and I did not take advantage of them. Some of these opportunities include scholarships and job internships. Also, governments and law firms are often looking for promising students in law school with whom they can work with in the future. Therefore, if you do not get out there, embrace all opportunities and give them a try, you are likely not to be identified by prospective employers. Some of the opportunities you find in law school only come once in a lifetime, but my naivety could not allow me to know this at the time.


There are several activities in law school that demand the time of a student, and proper planning is key. A student has to balance between the hectic studying schedule, personal activities, leisure and fun activities. If I knew, I would make elaborate plans: plans for a week and plans for an entire semester. It is not mandatory to attend all lectures or lessons in law school, but a certain threshold is needed. It is therefore wise to plan effectively so that you do not miss several lectures at the beginning of the semester and grapple to catch up with attendance towards the end of the semester.


Other things I wish I knew including the benefits of keeping an open mind, attending as many master classes as I could, and saving money to have fun on weekends. I also hoped I had taken the time to enjoy my time as a law student more. It is true that law is a demanding course, but that should not snatch all the life and fun of a person.

It is wise for everyone to enter law school with an open mind, and do proper research about being a law student so that you will not regret anything after you are done

How to Become a Business Law Consultant

When you start a new business or have already done so, it is important to know the area in which business and law intersect and trust each other. There are many potential legal situations in which entrepreneurs may be at the beginning of an enterprise or develop an existing business. Because an ordinary person may not know the smallest details of commercial law, it can have serious financial consequences.

The best way to protect yourself against legal liability is to hire a business law consultant. It is important, however, to understand general business and legal judgments so that you know when you need legal protection. If you want to properly protect your new business, you should understand the following business and legal issues and why both must go hand in hand.

Legal aspects

When you create a company and offer goods or services on a specific market, there is always the possibility that the company is faulty, which the client hired to believe that it was approved or that the contract may collapse. In such situations, it is very important to protect yourself and your assets.

An important step in the business world is choosing the right legal entity that should be. Different organizations have different levels of protection, protect individuals from liability, offer different tax incentives and establish roles between partners. The next step to protection is buying and implementing the appropriate insurance, which you can rely on in a specific dispute.

Clear contracts

Other legal reasons for doing business include applying clear agreements between you and your company. One of the main reasons for trade disputes is that both parties are involved in a trade agreement, and therefore they do not agree with such a contract and have an insufficient contractor do not enter into a contract describing each of the commitments.

Business Attorneys

Small businesses and large business organizations may encounter unexpected legal problems that are simply not prepared at all times. One of the best ways to avoid such threats and protect yourself in the event of disputes is to hire or talk to a lawyer specializing in business.

Liability avoidance

A lawyer with experience in commercial law can help in avoiding future liability, and can also help protect the company in the case of lawsuits carried out by third parties. If you want your company to reach its full potential without distracting you from legal issues, you can significantly increase your chances of success by employing an experienced lawyer.

As long as there are companies, proper legal protection is always required. Make a smart step into your company’s future by appointing a qualified lawyer to ensure that your company is always present and ready for unexpected legal situations.

Business and law

Business units and laws are inseparable and always go hand in hand. There are many rules and regulations in our legal system that regulate the activities of business people and it is important to have at least basic knowledge about the legal consequences of starting a business. A little research, basic knowledge, and preferably the help of specialized lawyers specializing in legal business processes, will help you develop your business by introducing advanced strategies and protecting your employees’ clients.