Have you ever considered studying law? One should study law not only to equip oneself with the skills to pursue a successful legal occupation but also to complement your chosen field of work (especially like business, finance and accounting) and make you a well-rounded leader.

A Career In Law

A basic degree in law in most countries is a 3-4 year program. Completing a degree in law can throw an open lot of career choices for you:

  • Practising lawyers can go on to become solicitors, barrister or judges
  • Corporate law provides career options like company law secretaries
  • Intellectual property right companies need lawyers
  • Start a law firm
  • Teaching
  • Reasons To Consider A Law Degree

    1. Access to power circles: Political parties and governments need services of lawyers and advocates for all politico-legal matters. That’s the reason that many lawyers eventually get into active politics, get elected into law making bodies and contribute towards law creation and law reform. Many go on to assume official positions in governments.

    2. Respect and Status: Law graduates earn respect in any society as they are knowledgeable on various aspects that concern us daily. Lawyers also help ordinary citizens fight for their rights and that is another reason they are held in high esteem.

    3. Application of theory: Unlike many other disciplines, everything that is learnt during a law degree needs to be applied in real life. So, in a way, it’s more vocational in nature. Law students spend good time studying case studies which are real-life cases to get a feel of the nuances of the profession. Law students study real law cases

    4. Financial growth: While the legal practitioners need to put in a lot of hard work during the initial years of their profession and may not earn big, however, they go onto earn well once they are well established and earn a good reputation.

    5. Skill development: Law students develop a lot of skills like research, analysis, presentation, communication and writing which come in handy not only in the legal occupations but also if they choose to pursue other career options.

    Let’s hear an expert opinion:

    6. Meeting people from all walks of life: Legal experts are sought after professionals. And reputed lawyers are very much in demand all the time and hired by the rich and famous. The opportunity to network with influential people can be rewarding in the long term.

    7. Ensure accountability of institutions: Lawyers because of their knowledge of the law are quickly able to pick on instances of misuse of power or authority of governments or any institutions. By doing this they act in public interest by holding governments accountable. Legal experts are also known to file public interest litigations for benefit of the citizens.

    8. You can’t be taken for a ride: Since most people generally don’t understand the law in detail, many a time they get taken for a ride for the lack of knowledge. Lawyers don’t run this risk and cant interpret contracts well, they end up safeguarding their personal and family interest better than others.

    Studying law offers one the opportunity to sharpen the mind and the ability to intellectually articulate one’s point of view. So, if you are the one who likes to think abstract and at the same time like to solve problems, you should study law. Not only would it prepare you for a career in law, but you could go on to become a successful politician, journalist, entrepreneur, police officer, diplomat or a social activist.